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Key Dates

Upcoming Deadlines for Class Members


To Claim Money

The time to claim a part of the settlement has passed.

To Opt Out

The time to opt out of settlement has passed.

To Object

The time to object to settlement has passed.

Fairness Hearing

The Court has held a "fairness hearing." A fairness hearing allows any plaintiff who has timely filed an objection to the terms and conditions of the settlement of the class action an opportunity to address the Court prior to the Court ruling on whether to approve the settlement.

Time to Make a Claim or Appeal a Claim

The period for making claims and for appealing is closed and that the Court heard appeals on July 9th and July 14th.  Its decision on any appeals is forthcoming.

Distribution letters

Final distribution letters will be mailed out in September.  The settlement involves two payments in 2020.  The second 2020 distribution will begin in late November.


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